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Service fees

The type of payment made depends on Clients' needs, the nature of the matter and the frequency of consultation. With respect to legal assistance, it is possible to make payments:

  • hourly rate (per one hour of the lawyer's work),
  • flat-rate fee - where a fixed number of hours per month and a fixed monthly fee corresponding to the agreed number of working hours are established. In case of exceeding the number of working hours, the Client decides if the further cooperation in a given month is settled according to the hourly rate, or whether the further work will be performed as early as possible in the following month. The latter form is suggested to Clients cooperating with us on a long-term basis.

Annulment of marriage

Annulment of marriage  
Duty of ecclesiastical lawyer
Monday             1600 - 1700
Wednesday      1630 - 1730
Friday                 1530 - 1630