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Our Law Office provides comprehensive legal assistance to individuals and corporate Clients, particularly in the areas of:

  • copyright law and intellectual property law,
  • press law and advertisement law,
  • pharmaceutical law,
  • pesticide regulations,
  • chemical substance regulations,
  • real estate law,
  • commercial law,
  • public procurement law,
  • tax law,
  • law concerning antirust and completion law as well as unfair competition,
  • law concerning new technologies and Internet law (P2P, torrents, host-providers' responsibility, file downloading),
  • labour law,
  • environmental protection law,
  • administrative law,
  • bankruptcy law,
  • legal representation before common courts of law, arbitration courts, and public authorities,
  • legal audit of business entities (due diligence).

Copyright law, press law, advertisement law and intellectual property law

Our services in the area of copyright are aimed at authors, publishing houses, artists performers, radio and tv producers, PR agencies, event organisers, advertising and acting agencies; graphic designers, musicians, IT specialists, architects and all those who deal with copyrights, advertisement law, or new technologies in a broader context.

In the area of copyrights our Law Office provides:

  1. advice on the copyrights to various types of works (literary, musical, verbal and musical, journalistic, scientific, artistic, theatrical and computer works);
  2. advice on related rights (artistic performance, phonograms, videograms, broadcasts);
  3. legal assistance regarding image rights (images of individuals, legal entities, and products), protection of personal goods and chattels;
  4. legal assistance regarding confidentiality protected by law, particularly the confidentiality of business matters.

Among the most important services regarding copyright and related rights, we can list the following:

  • preparing contracts, contract advice and contract negotiation,
  • licence agreements, publishing contracts, contracts to transfer copyrights, performance rights agreements, image distribution agreements, creation of work contracts, co-authors' agreements, agreements for the distribution of artistic work,
  • agreements concerning the creation and distribution of e-books, audio-books and other publishing agreements,
  • agreements concerning the organization of exhibitions, the public performance of artistic work, concert organization,
  • agreements concerning the creation of artistic work (contracts with graphic designers, subcontractors, IT specialists, photographers, stylists, choreographers, or costumists),
  • contracts with architects,
  • other contracts on intellectual property law,
  • preparation of comprehensive legal opinions in the area of copyright and related laws,
  • full legal assistance in litigation regarding copyright,
  • full legal assistance for entities operating on the publishing market,
  • legal services for all types of cultural institutions, especially giving legal advice, explanations and consultancy.

Press and advertisement law

Within the broad area of media law, services are provided to both companies and the public administration sector.

In the area of press law and access to public information, we deliver the following services:

  • preparation of disclaimers, replies and other papers to the editor,
  • preparation of notifications of a committed crime,
  • comprehensive legal opinion on protection of personal rights (individuals, administrative authorities, corporations),
  • preparation of legal opinions on the right to public information, providing clarification and advice,
  • legal representation of Clients in litigation.

In the area of advertisement law our Law Office offers:

  • legal advice on various marketing, promotion and advertising activities,
  • full legal assistance in promotions, lotteries, loyalty and incentive programmes (regulations, monitoring of marketing campaigns, contract drafting, full legal assistance in advertising campaigns including contracts with contractors, agencies and subcontractors),
  • legal representation of Clients in proceedings before courts and administrative authorities in lawsuits regarding advertisement and promotion.

Pharmaceutical law

We advise on all aspects of law concerning medicinal products, medical articles and diet supplements, starting from their registration, through production, sale and parallel import. Our Law Office specialises in issues regarding the advertisement and promotion of medicinal products. We advise on all aspects concerning clinical research. We represent Clients in proceedings regarding counterfeit medicinal products.

Pesticide regulations

For over ten years we have specialised in providing full legal assistance to producers, importers and distributors of pesticides and pest control products. Our Law Office cooperates with the Polish Crop Protection Association.

Chemical substance regulations

We give advice on the production, registration, distribution and application of chemical substances and chemical preparations.

Real estate law

We offer our Clients full legal assistance in:

  • pointing out the issues which Client should pay attention to when taking the decision to buy or rent a property,
  • evaluation of the legal status of the chosen property before its purchase,
  • lawyer's presence while purchasing the property, and the disclosure of acquired rights and transaction settlement,
  • legal supervision of the investment process.

Commercial law

Our Law Office provides continuous advice to partnership authorities and legal assistance in conducting their board meetings and general meetings of shareholders, drafting regulations on the functions of the board of directors and board of trustees. We advise on setting up, merging and liquidating commercial partnerships.

Our professional team assists in choosing the suitable form of running a business.
We apply for registration in the Polish Court Register and make alterations to the registration.
We represent our Clients at appealing the resolutions of partnership authorities.

Public procurement law

We advise Clients on participation in tenders organised in accordance with the Act on Public Procurement. Our Law Office also represents Clients in appeals and complaints regarding tenders decisions to common courts of law.

Tax law

Providing legal assistance in all aspects of business activities, we take into consideration the tax implications of an undertaking. We help to avoid or minimize the tax risk. Our professional team offers optimal solutions from the tax perspective. We specialize in tax optimization.

Working against unfair competition and law on antITRUST

Our Law Office provides advisory and legal services in all areas regarding working against unfair competition, working against unfair commercial practices and the protection of competition. Within this specialization, our Law Office:

  • analyzes the infringement of competition principles, prepares explanations, draws up legal opinions,
  • represents Clients in negotiations,
  • represents Clients before the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, and in lawsuits stemming from unfair competition,
  • prepares agreement drafts in lawsuits related to working against unfair competition and unfair commercial practices, also in disputes resulting from the Act on Competition and Consumers Protection,
  • offers legal representation and the preparation of written statements of claim or defence, settlements, appeals and complaints against administrative decisions.

Law on new technologies and Internet law

Our Law Office offers services connected with legal protection of software, databases, Internet domains and personal data. We deal with issues regarding the infringement of intellectual property on the Internet and responsibility of Internet services providers, portal authors and other entities who commit such infringements.

Labour Law

Our Law Office specialises in labour law in the broad sense.
We have assisted in resolving collective disputes, mediation and disputes with trade unions. On many occasions, our professional team prepared and renegotiated employment bylaws, collective labour agreements and remuneration bylaws. Our Law Office possesses experience in representing Clients before labour courts all around Poland, as we have provided legal assistance to Clients whose registered offices, branches and subsidies are located in different parts of the country. We also advise on individual and collective employment relations, including concluding management agreements with executives and drafting management stock options programmes.
Advice and assistance in the area of labour law also consists of:

  • drafting bylaws regulating the internal principles on which the rights and duties of an employer and employee are based,
  • giving continuous advice on problems related to employment,
  • representing our Clients in court disputes.

Environmental protection law

Our Law Office deals with legal aspects of enterprises planned by our Clients, examining them according to their compliance with environment protection law.

Administrative law

In the administrative proceedings in which our Clients are parties, or may act as parties:

  • we inform them of their rights and obligations stemming from the law, and advise on the choice of procedure to demand those rights,
  • we take an active part in the proceedings before public authorities on behalf of our Clients,
  • we represent our Clients in proceedings before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Bankruptcy law

If ordered by our Clients, we secure and enforce their claims in bankruptcy and debt restructuring proceedings all around Poland.

Legal representation

Our Law Office possesses a separate litigation team which provides legal representation in all Clients' cases. In particular, within full legal assistance, we supervise debt enforcement. We have considerable experience in handling arbitration cases.

Legal audit of business entities (due diligence)

Our Law Office takes actions to provide a detailed and comprehensive legal audit of the examined business entities.

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