Pro Publico Bono

Our Law Office takes part in the Ratuj Maluchy (Save Little Kids) action. Together with a group of parents we have been taking legal steps aiming at the protection of the youngest citizens of Poland.

Law against youngest citizens of Poland (PL) - click.

Legal Opinion on the reform of education system - download a PDF document.

Our Law Office has helped contribute to the care of little Piotruś Ujma. For two years our employees have donated 1 % of their tax to help this wonderful small boy. The details regarding the boy's illness history can be found by following this link.

Mrs Monika Brzozowska has been providing pro bono assistance in Stowarzyszenie i Fundacja Rzecznik Praw Rodziców (Ombudsman for Parents Association and Foundation) to parents of six-year-olds, at the intermediate stage of the reform aimed at lowering school start age.Monika Brzozowska provides individual assistance to parents and children and is one of the most active participants of the public debate concerning the above-mentioned issue, she is the author of the draft citizens' act. These are pro bono activities.

Since 2008 Monika Brzozowska has been providing legal assistance to a group of parents within the framework of the campaign Ratuj Maluchy (Save Little Kids).She is one of the initiators of Stowarzyszenie Rzecznik Praw Rodziców (Ombudsman for Parents Association).Owing to the participation of parents from the Association in the public debate concerning the proposal to lower the school start age, the government and the parliament decided that parents would have a free choice and would be able to decide whether to send their children to school at the age of 6 or to leave them at the kindergarten for one more year. This choice will be given to parents for the period of five consecutive years.This right to decide on their own was exercised by most parents of children born in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. Nearly 1.4 million children benefitted from the possibility of a free choice.

Monika Brzozowska is also the author of a draft citizens' act on education, being the largest legislative project in the history of Polish education as far as the number of persons involved is concerned.The draft act was signed by over 347 thousand Polish citizens.The draft was debated by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland twice:during its sixth and seventh term.Each time, all parliamentary clubs decided that it should be presented to the committee working on content-related issues for further consideration.

In individual cases, Monika Brzozowska provides legal assistance to parents free of charge.One of such cases is the case of a girl from Białołęka, which has received wide press coverage.Despite her failure at school, which led to neurosis, the girl cannot repeat the first class because of the lack of appropriate regulations.(press report: ,,Nie może wrócić do rówieśników (She cannot come back to her schoolmates), Rzeczpospolita 11.11.2012).

Monika Brzozowska also takes part, as an expert, in the public debate and she presents legal status and possible solutions to different problems, commenting various issues in the Polish media.She shares her expert knowledge preparing important documents, such as citizens' reports by NGOs.The most recent document of that type, whose civic co-author is Monika Brzozowska, is the report concerning the conditions of pre-school education after the first year of compulsory education of five-year-olds 2012.The document, prepared by the Stowarzyszenie i Fundacja Rzecznik Praw Rodziców (Ombudsman for Parents Association and Foundation), has been handed over to the President of the Republic of Poland in November 2012 and presented to the Polish state institutions.It was used, inter alia, as the basis for school controls conducted by Najwyższa Izba Kontroli (Supreme Audit Office).The report, in its English version, has also been presented to international institutions, such as the UN, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

Individuals who Monika Brzozowska provided assistance to:

Reimbursement of treatment expenses to a 6 year-old Oliwka

In 2012 Monika Brzozowska together with Paweł Derlikowski prepared an appeal in cassation in the case of a 6-year-old Oliwia, who NFZ refused to reimburse for the costs of clinical tests. Oliwia suffers from cancer. The treatment in Poland did not help. Experts and specialists have admitted that the treatment within the framework of a clinical research in Germany is the only chance, otherwise Oliwia will die. NFZ refused to reimburse the treatment justifying its decision by saying that the participation in the clinical test could be dangerous for Oliwia's health. Parents incurred debts amounting to EUR 80 000 in order to save their child. Mrs. Monika Brzozowska and Mr. Paweł Derlikowski prepared a cassation and filed it in the Supreme Administrative Court.

The case of a six-year-old Piotruś Ujma

Mrs Monika Brzozowska prepared and advised on the contents of the web site created for a disabled Piotr Ujma, opinion concerned the use of materials from the Internet for disabled persons (the analysis of copyrights - Article33 [1] of the Polish Copyright Law of 1994), the use of photos, etc.Additionally, the employees of the Law Office decided to donate 1% of their income tax due to Piotruś.

The case of a six-year-old Agnieszka

Mrs Monika Brzozowska represented, in a civil and administrative case, a six-year old Agnieszka who was fighting to be given the right to learn at the level adapted to her skills. Agnieszka's parents sent her to school earlier. According to the diagnosis of the kindergarten and promises in the media everything was supposed to be ready for six-year-olds who were to start school. Unfortunately, Agnieszka felt lost, worse and less talented than her seven-year-old schoolmates. She abreacted at home - Agnieszka started to have sleeping problems and contacts with other kids have become problematic as well. She has even regressed in her education - she couldn't write tests because she was very nervous. In the kindergarten Agnieszka was said to be a very talented and smart kid. Mrs Monika Brzozowska applied for precautionary measures, asking the court to order, for the period of the proceedings concerning infringements of the right to protection of personality, attending school (first class) with children of her age.  Additionally, Monika Brzozowska filed a complaint against the decision of the school headmaster to the Education Authority in Warsaw and to the Ministry of National Education. Mrs Monika Brzozowska represented Agnieszka and her parents in a civil and administrative case.

The case of a six-year-old Kacperek

Kacper is a very smart kid and a so-called “quicksilver”. Unfortunately, his teacher at school (first class) very often gave him to understand that he was worse, she struggled with him and laughed at him during classes. During one of the breaks at school, she shouted at Kacper using words which are commonly regarded as insulting. Both other kids and their parents heard that. Mrs Monika Brzozowska intervened at the Education Authority in Lublin.

The case of a website administrator

Mrs  Monika Brzozowska represented an administrator of the website in the case concerning copyrights to photos reprinted by the portal. The case concerns the interpretation of the right to reprint and quote on the Internet.